If you are running a desktop computer you probably never put it into a hibernate mode.  Sleep is usually good enough since it does not have a battery to drain and computers wake up from sleep faster.

There is a file that is created on your computer made for hibernation that will completely save your desktop state called hiberfil.sys.    This file is hidden and on the root directory of your hard disk.   It contains everything you need to wake up from sleep.  However this file is not necessary if you never hibernate your computer and most desktops do not need hibernate mode.

Microsoft has more information on this as well as the means of turning if off and on.  It is on their website under Knowledge Base Article 920730.  Or if you want to just do it your self you can open the command prompt in administrator mode and type the following command:

powercfg -h off

If you want to turn it back on for any reason just use the same command with the word “on” instead of “off”.