Enable the F8 restore key at boot in Windows 10.

Sometimes we have a need to fix something we broke and the only way of doing that is to roll back to a previous version.  Up to Windows 10 you were able to press the F8 key while the operating system was just starting up and then choose restore to last known good configuration or even pick a previous date to restore from.   In Windows 10, however, they have elected to disable this feature in favor of a faster boot time.   While a faster boot is usually more desirable there is also something to be said about being able to restore in case you mess up.

If you wish to restore the F8 while booting, you can just use a simple command.   Don’t worry this command can be reversed.   If your system hangs before you do this, you will need to get a Windows 10 boot disk to repair the error.

You want to go to a command prompt with administrator rights first.  Use the search and type cmd, right click on command prompt and select “run as administrator”.   Once in the command prompt use the command:

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy

you should see “The operation completed successfully.”  And that is all there is to it.  If you wish to undo this, then open the command prompt as administrator and use the command:

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy standard